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Saddam Hussein’s Body in Morgue *warning graphic*

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Libya to erect statue of Saddam on the gallows


Libya will raise a statue of Saddam Hussein alongside that of a national hero hanged in 1931 for leading the Libyan resistance against Italian occupation, the government said on Thursday.

“The revolutionary committees have decided to erect a statue of Saddam Hussein standing beside Omar Mukhtar on the gallows,” it said in a statement.

Libya declared three days of mourning after Saddam’s death and canceled public celebrations around the Eid religious holiday. Flags on government buildings flew at half-mast.

On the eve of Saddam’s hanging, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said the former Iraq leader was a prisoner of war who must be tried by Iraq’s invaders, the United States and Britain.

Capital Punishment: 5 reasons we like it (and another 5 why we hate it)

10 reasons we love capital punishment:

1) Those convicted to death are usually such qualified scums, that the mere thought of keeping them alive contradicts their crimes.

2) I refuse to pay for these scums to hang around till the end of their lives doing nothing.

3) Life prisoners have and exercise rights to correspond, marry and even lead secret perverted cults (that reside on the outside) while still alive — in effect perpetuating their beliefs or criminal dogma.

4) It gives a bold example of what will happen if someone else decides to commit a similar crime.

5) Since those convicted have taken several lives unjustly, they must pay with their own.

and why we hate it:

1) Two wrongs don’t make a right, really.

2) It can get gruesome and does anyone really have the right to take someone else life just because of man-made laws.

3) Criminals should be studied in the lab in the name of science, if we kill them we destroy the “anomaly” before we ever explain it.

4) It makes the country, state and law makers look cruel and barbaric. Can be used as token against them.

5) A death sentence can get sensationalized by the media, thus taking away from it its somber character.