Saddam Hussein’s 90 sec execution pictorial **EXTREMELY GRAPHIC NATURE**

Webmerica and ApocalypseNews are bringing this to you in the interest of free press. Death is not something to be celebrated, for any cause.
Saddam’s last 90 seconds - second01Saddam’s last 90 seconds - second37Saddam’s last 90 seconds - second38Saddam’s last 90 seconds -second 39Saddam’s last 90 seconds -second 58Saddam’s last 90 seconds -second 60Saddam’s last 90 seconds -second 64Saddam’s last 90 seconds -second 65Saddam’s last 90 seconds -second 65.5Saddam’s last 90 seconds -second 67Saddam’s last 90 seconds -second 68Saddam’s last 90 seconds -second 68.5Saddam’s last 90 seconds -second 69Saddam’s last 90 seconds -second 69.5Saddam’s last 90 seconds -second 73Saddam’s last 90 seconds -second 74Saddam’s last 90 seconds -second 86Saddam’s last 90 seconds -second 90

ApocalypseNews does not own these images. They were captured from a video found here on They are shown here in the name of press freedom and information free choice. Please be advised.  Scroll toward the bottom of this page for Saddam Hussein Chronology Also related Saddam’s Last words


9 responses to “Saddam Hussein’s 90 sec execution pictorial **EXTREMELY GRAPHIC NATURE**

  1. This video is RAW and EXTREMELY GRAPHIC. You will not see this on American TV. This video appears to have been shot from a different camera and does include Saddam Hussein’s death from hanging. The video appears to be unedited and certainly looks genuine when compared with the other previously released footage. You can tell you are watching the same event. Webmerica is bringing this to you in the interest of free press. Death is not something to be celebrated, for any cause.

  2. As a Christian I can not help but wonder where is the soul of this man tonight? He had a mother who loved him and kissed his boo boos when he fell….he played with other children … he was probably a lovely child and was loved by his family. What happens to someone to make them become so obsessed with power and control? How can I feel sorry for someone who murdered so many innocent people for no other reason then pure hatred and fear. Did he have a chance to make his heart pure and free? Yes. did he choose to do so? No…I watched the trial from time to time. This man felt no remorse whatsoever for crimes he had committed. Yet, to snuff out a life no matter how rotten a soul it may have been seems pointless. Now he will just become a more then he really was. His followers now have a real dead “hero” in their eyes they can build and glorify his sick existance bigger and badder then ever. God help us all.

  3. We can only hope that his followers will not be encouraged to emulate him, if for no other reason than they do not want to end up like him, reduced to a diminished piece of human debris.

  4. How “real” do readers/pic viewers think this amateur video-pictorial is? Does anyone subscribe to the theory that this may not be Saddam? Let’s hear from you.

  5. Fellow Citizens of the World,
    Sadam had US help when it came to supplying his country with chemical weapons to fight the Iranians, and knew at the time how he ran his country. The US and the CIA have been on the side of any leader, usually a dictator, who will help them achieve their economic advantage to acquire resources and power for the large corporations who are stuffing the pockets of elected members in DC. Like the Nuremburg Trials, there should have been a few Americans tried for supporting him if they thought he was such a menace to his own country. The US was aware of all that took place while Sadam ran Iraq’s government. There is no excuse for this. Today the US does not fight a war according to the Geneva Conventions. The Pentagon and the CIA should be brought out into the light and cleaned up and done away with. Too many people suffer from starvation for the US to be at war with a small country like Iraq. The military’s role should be humanitarian only. Now they will pay a hard price for what has happened and is happening.

    A concerned US citizen.

  6. tanglehair I cannot agree with you more. .the hanging of Sadam sends a clear message to other american installed puppet leaders DO AS WE SAY.

  7. I cannot help but die of laughter when I see the photo with Saddam’s big old bum hanging out 😛

  8. tanglehair : You really sound like a concerned US citizen. LOL More like a muslim extremist to me, If you really feal this way about America then Get the hell out. Humanitarian only Ha Ha dont you wish. Then maybe all of the little third world countries your defending can create ther little baby nukes, And Possibly cause some kind of nuclear warfare, or use them to blackmail other countries. Well Sir I am pretty confident the US government will not allow that to happen, and Im sure that makes you pretty upset. I am Proud to live in a country that will do what it takes to defend not only ourselves but other countries as well, I just cant stand people like you who enjoy the freedoms of our country, But set back and create conspiracy theory’s on how bad our government is. Take Iran for example ahmedenijad predicts the fall of the US, Great Britan, Isreal and others, and In the same day says we are almost done with our nuclear program, Prepare to celebrate.
    Im sorry but those comments pretty much speak for therselves.
    Do you realize If they make it far enough to actually fire a baby nuke at another country. I would give them about ten minutes before they became just an enormous hole in the middle east. Although considering the US is not just humanitarian aid, that will probably not be happening. In my personal oppinion I think the Iranian people will take care of that nutcase before they allow him to do that to there country.

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