How to Prepare for the Apocalypse

You can prepare for the Apocalypse, now that the Rapture has come and gone, by acknowledging that you have been missed in the Second Coming of Jesus. There were millions saved that went unnoticed on May 21st, but the signs that Jesus is back until the End of the World will soon become much more evident as time goes on.

Saturday May 21st is just the start of the Apocalypse now that Jesus has returned to Earth. Those left now face 5 months of torment during the End Times since they were not saved on Judgement Day 2011. Are you disappointed by God’s decision not to save you in the Rapture? Are you Ok with the fact that you will see the End of the World in just 5 short months?


I’m Sorry You Weren’t Saved in the Rapture

Jesus has come, few were saved, even less noticed his presence, but May 21st was still Judgement Day. If you are reading this blog, then you were not saved by Jesus in the Second Coming, and have been left behind during the End of Days. There are just five months remaining until the End of The World on October 21 2011. Prepare yourself for the End Times now by stocking up on water, canned goods, and appropriate clothing before the End of The World.

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Midnight Mafia wars tip #1: use your “bonus” profile points to boost your energy (not stamina) before leveling up or redeeming an energy pack, it will earn you +% energy.

Attn. Mafia War players: Only ONE energy pack can be used within 24hrs. If you use your energy pack right before you level up, most of it will go to waste none carry over! Did you know you can unlock better ROI jobs by clicking on Thug, Associate, Soldier etc on the level bar? More to come!

Hello friends. Today is Sunday June 14, 2009. I ‘d like to wish all of you (sorry Southern hemisphere friends), a happy! sensuous, smothering, sweltry, sexy-soggy! summer. Use sun lotion and do not drink and drive. See you all the beach! Here’s a beach-time “sunglasses” tune to start you up:

Video of Reported ‘Friendly Fire’ Soldier Deaths